In a new interview with Time, the Bumble CEO goes over the balance in between leading an online dating giant while likewise being the mom of 2 kids under 4 years of ages.

Wolfe Herd established Bumble after the birth of her first kid Bobby, now leads the business with 9 month old Henry signing up with the family too. When asked how she’s coping, she half-jokingly reacted “I’m not terrified of anybody in organization. I’m frightened of my 3-year-old”.

She mentions that ending up being a mom offered her a new point of view on her deal with Bumble. While she was focused on enhancing or altering the world for women today, it made her understand there is a next generation of people to think about.

On her own maternity leave, she described that the birth of Henry happened as the dispute in Ukraine started. This indicated that she was working to move designers in Russia to Dubai as she was entering into labour.

Part of the experience of not having enough maternity leave herself implies that she values her staff members having the choice of six-month paid family leave.

“I actually do not like the term “working mama.” I believe every mom is a “working mommy.” There is not a mama out there that is not working. It is a full-time job keeping a kid or numerous kids healthy, delighted, and growing”, she informed Time.