What Is The Fascination Signal?

Key Takeaways:

The Fascination Signal is utilized to arouse an inner attraction in him, causing him to become emotionally drawn to you.

When you finally meet your lover, you sense a beautiful spark. However, after a relationship ends, most people believe that the spark has died.

This suggests you are no longer captivated by your lover. However, the capacity to remain interested with your spouse is what makes a relationship continue for decades.

Relationship coach James Bauer addresses in his book some of the things that men find intriguing in a relationship and how women can utilize it to make themselves even more alluring.

Using this signal in your speech will make him appealing, and he will think about you all the time.

Whether you’re in a relationship or want to start one with a potential suitor, the Fascination signal might tug at his emotions.

Using this signal on a man will pique his interest in you and cause him to have passionate thoughts about you.

Where Does the Fascination Signal Come From?

The fascination signal phrase is talked about extensively in James Bauer’s well rated book and program called ‘His Secret Obsession’.

The His Secret Obsession program is a guide to identifying the challenges that women encounter in their relationships. It offers women the impression of winning men’s hearts and complete attention. It reveals man’s secret fixation and how to deal with it.

This book provides you with accurate and scientifically proved knowledge so that you may operate correctly. There is knowledge on how guys think and what they seek.

We have a comprehensive His Secret Obsession review here, and if you follow the recommendations, the man you want will be drawn to you with love and affection.

Bonus Tip: “Have you been working out?”

Every man wants to know that his lady considers him attractive, and men typically can be just as body conscious as women.

You can’t compliment a guy the same way you can a woman, which is why “have you been working out?” is such a fantastic love phrase to say, even if you know your man hasn’t visited a gym in years.

It demonstrates that you have thoroughly examined things and are pleased with what you observe.

The Other Hidden Signals

This is when the magic comes in! The substance of His Secret Obsession is in the signs you’ll discover. Signals include statements that activate the Hero Instinct, tapping into the intrinsic need to protect and love. This area has everything you need to hook your man for life, from the His Secret Obsession 12-word text to silent signals that instantly make you more appealing. Here’s a glimpse of some of the signs you’ll learn-

  • The “IOU”
  • The Glimpse Phrase
  • Silent Action Signals
  • The Private Island Signal
  • The Ex-Back Signal