An AI chatbot established by OpenAI went viral just recently with the program developing whatever from essay reactions to table talks. Tinder users are now taking benefit of the AI’s intelligence to assist compose messages to their matches.

A new short article from Mashable highlights circumstances where Tinder users discuss their experiences with the ChatGPT system. One Tinder user published a TikTok discussing how he used the AI system to compose a poem for his match, stating it was “THE FUTURE OF TINDER”.

Mashable discovered another example where a dating app user asked ChatGPT to compose a gym-related opening line. The AI developed “Do you mind if I sit? Since seeing you do those hip thrusts is making my legs feel a little weak”.

Different ethical problems are raised, consisting of whether users need to divulge that messages are being composed by AI. If this dating technique continues to be handy for Tinder users, will daters have another kind of catfishing to fret about?

Picture thanks to OpenAI site.