Tinder is including a new layer to its confirmation procedure by asking users to movie a video selfie. It will likewise now permit image confirmed users to filter out messages from unproven accounts on the platform.

Video selfies take confirmation “to the next level”, Tinder shares. Formerly users would take fixed pictures of themselves in different presents, with these pictures then compared to the profile’s images.

The new procedure suggests users will need to finish a series of video triggers, which “assists Tinder keep those blue checkmarks more real”. Over the coming months, users all over the world will be triggered to re-verify utilizing video selfies.

In a current news release, Tinder shared that it would be updating the options connected with its picture confirmation function.

Under ‘Message Settings’, users are now able to configure their filters so that just photo validated accounts can send them a DM. They can likewise now trigger a new match to go through picture confirmation without needing to send out a single message.

Tinder Gold members will be able to filter their ‘likes’ by picture confirmed members.

“Tinder daters regularly inform us that image confirmation is among their most valued security features. The tool offers another way to assist members much better examine the credibility of their match. For our 18-25 years of age members, being Photo Verified provides a 10% greater possibility to match”, stated Rory Kozoll, SVP of Product Integrity at Tinder.

“We will continue focusing on these approaches to assist make Tinder a much safer location to fulfill someone new”, Kozoll continued.

Tinder states that almost 40% of its userbase is photo validated. With the addition of video selfies into this procedure, it discovered that men are now most likely to finish the confirmation. With this in mind, the dating app will be triggering all new users to go through confirmation.