TikTok Strengthens Suggestive Content Policy

TikTok recently announced further restrictions for content creators and to further protect its users from suggestive material. With the updates, all content creation must adhere to guidelines laid out by the social media platform, as well as global and local regulations. The decision is just one of the many ways TikTok is seeking to protect its users on the app.

The implementation of the policy changes expands on the platform’s existing Sexually Suggestive Content Policy, a move that hopes to promote a safe and responsible user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • TikTok has released further restrictions on content creators.
  • These changes are designed to protect users from suggestive material.
  • TikTok is seeking to promote a safe and responsible user experience.
  • The policy changes expand on the platform’s existing Sexually Suggestive Content Policy.
  • The policy has been credited with helping TikTok stay ahead of competitor apps.

To assist keep sexually suggestive material far from its more youthful users, TikTok is reinforcing its content policies. Comparable to movie and television, TikTok’s brief type videos will have an age ranking that avoids users aged 13-17 from seeing excessively adult or fully grown material.

The app shares it has actually “taken extra actions to assist avoid teenager accounts from seeing more fully grown material”. Far, it has actually avoided teen accounts from seeing over 1 million overtly suggestive videos in the last 30 days, it states.

New modifications likewise consist of empowering material developers to share videos that match the proper market. Developers that desire their material to just be available to over 18s will get their desire over the coming weeks, TikTok shares.

Developers currently had the capability to restrict their audience to over 18s in the LIVE function, however this will be broadened to the brief kind video side of TikTok quickly.

The app likewise highlighted that it is continuously enhancing its device finding out abilities to identify raunchy material, in addition to ‘suggestive’ or ‘borderline’ material.

“Our goal is to rapidly recognize and get rid of violative material from our platform and avoid borderline or suggestive material from being advised to or searchable by teenager accounts”, it discussed in a current post.

The restored concentrate on securing more youthful users comes as TikTok partnered with StopNCII.org, which works to stop the spread of non-consensual intimate images. Material determined and identified by StopNCII will be immediately avoided from publishing on TikTok, it stated.