Many see the increase of dating apps as straight associated with the progressively challenging nature of conference others in reality. A new device: ‘the Pear Ring’ might be the secret to saving IRL connections.

The ring gives off a blue light which can notify others that the user is single, practically like “the reverse of an engagement ring”, Glamour Magazine composed. Available for ₤ 19.99, the ring can be endured any finger.

The project to raise awareness about this new item is called “The world’s greatest social experiment”. What is this experiment?

“Well put it in this manner, if 1.2 billion singles all over the world used a little green ring on their finger to reveal they’re single, we would not require dating apps. IRL connection is the objective”, described the developers of the Pear Ring.

The experiment is presently ‘live’ in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia, with more nations anticipated to sign up with quickly.

As being a “come chat to me” signal for users, the Pear Ring is looking to broaden into occasions. After buying a ring, users will be offered a subscription number and welcomed to singles occasions such Pear Fest, which seems the world’s most significant singles celebration.