Smitten: Scandinavia’s Rising Dating Platform

As a dating app platform, Smitten, is quickly becoming the standard for finding love in Scandinavia. With strong influence in the Nordic countries, their latest campaign focuses squarely on matchmaking and their success promises a bright future.

Since launching in 2016, the app has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, reaching 5 million users in just two years. The main draw of Smitten is its highly sophisticated algorithm which takes into account factors such as age, location and preferences, to ensure that people can find the perfect match for them.

The app is also unique for its integration of technology and human interaction, providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the digitally-savvy generation of the region. Click here to find out more about Smitten.

Key Takeaway

  • Smitten is a popular dating app platform in Scandinavia.
  • It launched in 2016 and has 5 million users.
  • Its algorithm takes into account factors such as age and location.
  • It incorporates technology and human interaction for a friendly atmosphere.
  • Click here to find out more.

Dating app Smitten is on an outstanding journey throughout Northern Europe as it accumulates financial investments and new users. The platform, which links users through ingenious in-app video games, has actually currently seen over 400,000 downloads with 15 million messages sent out.

International Dating Insights reported in 2021 that the start-up had actually closed a financing round with $2.7 million gathered. This was just the starting nevertheless, as the platform protected $10 million in Series A moneying a year later on, taking in financial investments from a variety of organisations consisting of Makers Fund, Possible Ventures, and Wonder Invest.

Its excellent financing has actually not lacked factor. The platform has an excellent 54 to 46 ratio in between males and females, with the majority of users 25 years of ages or more youthful. In 2022, it was likewise exposed to be Iceland’s top dating app.

With a series of interactive mini-games, its not a surprise the app attract Gen Z singles.

These video games consist of an interactive version of Two Truths and a Lie. Users can share the 3 declarations on their page, with potential matches provided the chance to select the lie. The outcomes are then shared instantly into a chat in between the users, developing a conversation starter.

Another video game sees users addressing a survey, with potential matches offered the chance to think what their responses may be. After 10 proper guesses, potential matches are provided additional direct exposure to the user as a benefit.

Other features on the app consist of matches being immediately erased after 7 days.

“Auto-deleting matches is a great way to decrease all the worst parts of ghosting. If you’ve ever used a dating app you understand the sensation and anxiety of having an inbox filled with uneasy silences and talks that didn’t exercise”, described Asgeir Visir, CXO & Co-Founder.