Popular European dating app Smitten has actually released a new ‘Search’ function to assist people discover their crush on the platform. Users can look for a name or particular username to discover particular potential matches.

The app provides the scenario of a user wishing to start a romantic connection with a crush from their university class. This person can now utilize Smitten to see if their crush is single, and can provide a ‘like’ without needing to move into their DMs.

This potential match will then go onto Smitten and will discover the initial user’s ‘like’. They won’t not understand if they’ve been discovered through Spotter, Search, or the typical profile feed.

For users with access to premium features, they’ll have the ability to look for a user and see if they’ve currently resembled by that person.

All users will be visible and pleasant through the search function, nevertheless profiles can be set to personal mode. This will restrict the details revealed through Search to just the first picture, name, and age.

Smitten grew in appeal due to its enjoyable mini-games that assist start a conversation when a match has actually been formed. You can discover’s previous protection of Smitten here and its site here.

Image thanks to Smitten.