Skapa, the business behind Fika, among Vietnam’s most popular dating apps, has actually introduced a new social networking app. The new platform, Leka, aims to end up being the supreme social app for Gen Z.

Denise Sandquist, CEO and Co-Founder of Skapa, commemorated the launch of Leka in a current LinkedIn post. Sandquist was just recently consisted of in Global Dating Insights’ 2023 Power Book, in acknowledgment of her deal with the Fika dating platform.

In her post, she composes “Leka is following our objective of utilizing cutting edge AI to bring credibility, community, and coming from the world’s more youthful generation, with the vision as constantly: to assist people produce and preserve significant relationships by reinventing the way we link”.

Leka’s distinct proposal is the ‘teams’ function, which enables users to gather together in communities based around an interest or objective.

Each team has a team leader, who has the obligation of developing Daily Missions, which members should finish within 24 hours. This might consist of goals like finishing a skin care regimen, with users sharing their development utilizing the unfiltered in-app cam.

The app describes that the “focus is on having a good time and revealing yourself authentically, without the pressure to produce premium material”.

Sandquist describes in her post that “among the many issues with ‘Social Media 1.0’ is that they link us, however do not make us feel that we belong, nor discovering new friends and connections based upon who we are”.

“With Leka, we are even better to fixing the $1B issue that ‘Social Media 2.0’ is now up for– assisting us produce much deeper and more significant relationships, making the world a less lonesome location by assisting people, and specifically the more youthful generation, to discover a location where they feel that we in fact belong”.