SHIPP is a Singapore-based start-up that is seeking to minimize superficiality in online dating. Users link over text-based profiles prior to beginning a 7 minute text conversation, with images just exposed once both users choose they like the others’ “ambiance”.

The concept for the app happened after studies revealed that swiping on dating apps triggers tiredness and end in shallow discussions.

“Having attempted many dating apps previously, I observed that the majority of them operate in comparable formats and are more likely to impress potential matches with physical looks first prior to having any opportunity to engage additional” stated Jason Yah, CEO of SHIPP.

Its method of getting users to chat with one another first prior to exposing their physical look, will guarantee they “ambiance first, link later on”.

The app has 500 everyday active users, with around 6,000 messages sent out everyday, Coconuts Singapore reports. SHIPP’s designers state they have strategies to embrace gamification, benefit incentives, and security suggestions as features in the future.