Shagririm Ba’Lev, a platform stemming from the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT), is growing throughout the Religious Zionist community. The AI-powered platform was established to take the community’s matchmaking into the digital age.

Stuart Hershkowitz, previous Vice President of JCT, shared that the Orthodox academic body used to use part-time matchmakers to assist produce connections in a community having a hard time to do so.

“We understand that in the Religious Zionist world the issue of [finding a match] is discussed all the time and it’s a substantial big issue; among the most significant issues if you ask your average family. Someone who has kids of marriageable age, they’re rather scared that they will not discover someone proper for their kid”, Hershkowitz informed Israel National News.

Shagririm Ba’Lev was established to resolve this problem, with the platform at first planned for usage just within the college. It overcomes an ‘ambassador’ system.

Ambassadors will register for the app and serve as a wingman for their friends or kids. An AI algorithm will discover ideal matches and reveal them to the ambassador, letting them then take the lead to chat with other ambassadors and organize dates.

Shagririm Ba’Lev is seeing success, with 131 wedding events currently occurring thanks to the platform. It has actually likewise broadened beyond the college, spreading out throughout 20-30 years of age in the Religious Zionist community.

“A number of years back, we made this modification and it blew up and we had people from all various sort of companies calling us”, Hershkowitz stated.

“Today, we’re in all various type of schools and locations. The leading rabbis of Religious Zionism [were brought to JCT] to describe the program, and everyone is on board. All the rabbis love the concept”, he included.

Image thanks to Shagririm Ba’Lev Facebook page.