Replika is a dating app where users form a connection with a chatbot powered by expert system. Eugenia Kuyda, CEO of the platform, shares her point of view about this new type of relationship.

Kuyda anticipates that within 5 to 10 years, everybody will have a chatbot that learns about their individual life. In an interview with Fox News Digital, she stated this innovation will be the next huge thing, “it’s going to be generally whatever the iPhone is for you today”.

She described that when establishing Replika, she pictured a world “where I can stroll to a coffeehouse and Replika can stroll beside me and I can take a look at her through my glasses or gadget. That’s the point. Common”.

The concept for the platform pertained to Kuyda after the death of a buddy. She went through their old text and established a chatbot that would speak like her pal as soon as did. This experience showed that this kind of connection was possible.

The platform enables users to personalize their AI buddy with favored hairdos, attire, and names. The app has more than 10 million users, according to Replika.

“Replika assisted them with particular elements of their lives, whether it’s going through a duration of sorrow or comprehending themselves much better, or something as unimportant as simply enhancing their self-confidence, or possibly going through some difficult times of handling their PTSD”, Kuyda shared.

Kuyda confesses that AI friendship isn’t best, mentioning that in an ideal world no one would require therapists or relationships with AI.

Replika has inbuilt safeguards to avoid users from ending up being too connected to their buddies. After around 50 messages, the Replika buddy ends up being worn out and triggers the user to take a break from talking.

Image thanks to Replika.