A new dating app has actually released in the United States which aims to link singles based upon their shared worths and preferred charitable causes. Poze is attempting to spark connections beyond simply surface-level qualities, taking a look at positioning of much deeper worths.

“In a socially mindful society, there are few things that state more about a person than the method which they provide to charity”, the Poze site states.

The coordinating system does not depend on swiping, however rather a system of bidding. The platform runs a blind quote structure where singles (called Pozers) will get quotes from other users aiming to take them out on a date.

Pozers can then consult with whomever of the Top 5 Bidders they feel most suitable with. There is no commitment to go out with whoever bids the greatest.

The cash set up by the winning bidder is then sent out to a charity of the Pozer’s picking, minus other deal costs. All the other cash installed by bidders is gone back to them so they can continue bidding on dates with other Pozers.

This system “makes sure that users support their words with actions”, Poze describes. It likewise avoids bots and fraudsters from utilizing the platform maliciously.

The platform tasks that it will help with approximately $1 Billion in charitable contributions annually from users of the app. Poze is available on Android and iOS, available to anybody with a U.S.-based phone number.

Discover more about the platform on its site here.