Recently, Oxford University shut down its proprietary personalized dating site. The website,, was CEO-ed by three Oxford alumni who had seemed to have filled an untapped niche in the online dating market. It had quickly become a popular destination for single Oxford graduates, which had been kept a total secret from the university administration.

However, upon closer examination, it became clear that this wasn’t just a regular dating site. Instead, members were able to access incredibly detailed personality profiles and interact with compatibility scores that had been sold on the promise of finding their perfect match. It was a huge violation of the university’s policy on relationships, and its presence has since been shut down. Oxford University Dating Site Shut Down

Key Takeaways

  • Oxford University shut down its proprietary personalized dating site.
  • The website was CEO-ed by three Oxford alumni.
  • The site offered detailed personality profiles and compatibility scores.
  • Its presence was in violation of the university’s policy on relationships.
  • The site has since been shut down.

A dating site established at Oxford University has actually been closed down after questionable breaches of information personal privacy and authorization. The platform, called Oxshag, took individual information from the University’s site consisting of full names, without asking authorization.

Taking the full names and colleges of everybody who holds an Oxford University e-mail address remained in direct conflict of the site’s terms. Oxshag as a result moved to an ‘opt-in’ design, ultimately revealing it would stop operating.

A post from Oxford Mail discusses that the site enabled people to match with other members of the university. Oxshag users might then pay ₤ 1 to expose the matches, available on Valentine’s Day.

‘The Oxshagger’, who developed the platform, launched a declaration as the platform was closed down stating:

“Whether or not you select to think me, I began this really with the very best of intents.”

“I believed that it would enliven the Oxford one-night stand scene, which is underwhelming for a great deal of people.”

“As a principle, Oxshag isn’t different from something like Tinder, simply a more reliable way of matching suitable people together, causing a more pleasurable experience for everybody.”