More often than not women know what is the right decision. When our gut is telling us something. Our inner voice or as they call it women’s intuition. Yet, we brush it aside and choose to ignore it.

And for what ? To take a chance, a risk that can end up not so good. I can say more often than not when we ignore our intuition it doesn’t end in our favor. It ends with us regretting our decisions, and having to learn from our mistakes. Let’s talk about our intuitions.

I was speaking to this young lady the other day, and she explained that she made a big mistake which has cost her a great deal. She got into a relationship with someone who was far from her ideal partner.

She knew in her gut and her inner voice told her that something was wrong, but she pressed on . She ignored her feelings and the initial signs. She wanted to give this person a chance. She said that she felt it was her duty to help, to forgo her intuition, and furthermore he had potential.

In the long run she hoped that he will be grateful. I said there is a big difference between a man with potential and a man that is all the way wrong, and if your intuition is giving you signals like a Fire Alarm. Do you ignore it? What happens when a fire alarm goes off in your home, and in fact there is a fire, yet you ignore it?

Why do we ignore Our intuition ?

What is it that we are looking for, or trying to gain for us to go against ourselves? Is it the chance to win a million dollars? Is the prize worth it? Is the prize to secure a relationship regardless of what it might look like or the cost? Are we being naive? Do we not trust ourselves? What is it?

The day that I ignored my intuition is never far from my mind. It was one of the most traumatizing , gut wrenching, anxiety driven experiences of my life.

It’s strange how I was led to think otherwise even prior to, and after the encounter. That my experience was not accurate. But I knew what I experienced was in fact true and my emotions/feelings were accurate. From the beginning my core told me that something was wrong.

Here it goes , I was young and dating and I decided to take this young man’s offer to hang out. Now, remind you this was not my first encounter with him, we have hung out before and everything went well. Any who, it was a late evening date. I met him half way, and the plan was that we would hang out.

Now, I knew not to get into a man’s car especially one that I barely know. But I didn’t listen to my gut, and decided to get in his car. I safety planned by telling my girlfriend, who also came along, but went her separate ways when I got into this guy’s car. She knew who he was as well as our so called plan.

When I got into his car the conversation went well, and although I still felt uneasy I managed not to let it show much. The plan was to go to his house to chill, stupid me. The journey to his house was longer than I anticipated and unfamiliar.

I inquired where was his spot located. But I was not able to put two and two together as I was not not familiar with that location. We drove stretches of highways that led to local dark streets. I knew I was lost.

There was no way I would have been able to find my way back. I said to myself, why didn’t I tell him to turn around. But I didn’t want to come off as over reacting for nothing. You know, being too emotional.

As he drove up to this peculiar looking building in a parking lot, I swear the hairs stood up on the back of my neck . It was dark , and no signs of life, not even one other car. It looks like an abandon building of some sorts. I couldn’t make sense of it. So I asked, “what is this?” He responded, “I live here”. My next question was,” what kind of place is this?” He stated, “a church”.

My expression was of confusion,” a church?” I mumbled how does someone live in a church. He claimed that it was a rented property. He tried to make it appear normal, but I was not buying it. Again I was uneasy, but he said come on. Reluctantly, I followed his lead tip toeing slowly behind him shit scared, worried, and knew something was wrong.

He walked up the stairs, and I made sure I was a few steps behind his ass. As he approached a door at the top of the stairs, the door opened. Now I don’t know if this was intentional or what, for the door to open without entering a key, and I can’t recall if he alerted someone that he was on his way. But….when that door open and I got a glimpse of the inside, my intuition kicked in. I turned around walked hastily down the stairs onto the parking lot, and began to look for an escape route.

The light in the parking lot was dimmed, and the street across from it was dark. I didn’t know which direction to head in, but I knew standing still wasn’t an option. I decided to run in the direction that we entered the parking lot, and unto that dark street. When I cleared the parking lot, I took of my heels, and started to run faster. In the midst of panicking I tried to call my friend, 911, but no signals.

Back then sprint was not the best carrier and most certainly didn’t have strong signals. I ran, for a few minutes, until I came in sight of houses. As I ran towards a home, and about to ring the door bell he drove up.

I was not even aware that we was behind me. I was hysterically crying. He begged me not to ring the bell, and if I did we were going to get in trouble. I wonder who the hell was we? I was not doing anything wrong, I just needed help.

Looking back, I didn’t even know if I would have been helped . A black girl in a white neighborhood crying and ringing a stranger’s door bell ( sounds like a problem to me). Oh well, I had no choice.

I was one second away from ringing that door bell when my intuition told me not to. So, I turned around walked off the porch. Running up to that house got him shooked. He begged for me to get in his car, and he promised to bring me home . I made it clear that I was only going to get into his car if he brought me back, and if not I would call, 911, fight or jump out of the car.

He knew all bets were off and his plan didn’t work. I trusted my intuition this time to get in his car. Now, I cannot recall the entire conversation returning, but he tried to convince me otherwise that how I felt was not accurate. If I were him I wound do the same. I wouldn’t out myself.

Up to this day when I think about the entire ordeal it makes me hyperventilate. When that door flung open there were about 5 guys laying on the floor in that room. When I tell you that my mind couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing. I knew that if I didn’t follow and trust my intuition to run for my life I was going to be violated. So, whatever he had to say after the fact didn’t bring me any comfort. Needless to say that was our last date.

Ladies our tuition are present for a reason. Do not forgo it. Trust your inner voice as most often than not it will guide you in the right direction.

Thank you folks for reading. Have you had any situation where you forgo your intuition? If so, what happened?