If you are reading this post, either you have sensed trouble in your relationship or seeking information on this topic for a reason. If it’s not the lather what is your gut feeling telling you? Most often than not, based on my interactions with  some women they are aware when things are not right in their relationships. That goes without saying that you probably have an inclination that you are in a dead-end relationship, right?

A dead-end relationship is considered one where the relationship is not growing. What is your idea of growth in a relationship?  Generally speaking, there are some basic things that constitute to growth in a relationship. As a relationship grows individuals begin to plan their lives together and become enmesh.  Most people seeking a relationship view one that is evolving includes, but not limited to children, marriage, some type of long-term partnership, and cohabiting. However, let’s talk about what you are sensing and ways to identify a relationship that is not going anywhere. 

How did you get into a dead-end Relationship

We gotta talk about this first. It can happen to anyone one of us, but sometimes our decisions lead to certain outcomes. It’s always in best practice when you are getting to know someone that he understands your expectations regarding a relationship. One common mistake some women make is to think that they are going to change a man’s mind.

Secondly, don’t demand something that you both never discussed. So, if you have entered a relationship on the premise of being friends with benefits don’t expect a shift. Be clear from the beginning. This is where you want no confusion as you both should now where you stand. If you are seeking a relationship with particular desires those must be expressed. Either way some relationships may start off good and get sour over a period of time.

Empty promises that goes nowhere

What good to promise the world if you cannot fulfil your promises. Be aware that some men will tell you whatever you want to hear, the story tellers. He has a vision but never come to fruition. You must know how to decipher the ones that do not have a plan for their future, not going anywhere much less to have any ideas for a relationship. Do not allow someone to tell you what they are going to do. They need to show you. If in fact he means what he says, then he will do what he means. Too many excuses as to why he wasn’t able to do this that is a sign. Don’t allow him to simply tell you where the relationship is going, he has to show you. 

Meeting his family and friends

 A natural occurrence in a relationship as it grows, is becoming a part of each other’s world such as meeting folks. This part may get a bit tricky as some men will actually introduce you to his family and friends knowing that he is uncertain of the relationship. Yea, the ones that don’t have any sense. So, what is it that you need to look for? When he is introducing you to his family for friends what is your title? Does he shy away from questions relating to y’all relationship?  Such as how long have you guys been dating, and the dreadful one. Are you guys going to get married? If in fact he responds awkwardly, then he is unsure of the relationship.

Some men on the other hand, will not allow you to meet their family or friends. It is a big secret, you might hear about his cousins, best friends, you name it, but you will never meet them. Maybe he will be nice enough to show you pictures. Individuals that are important to him he will keep you away from them as either you might find out things about him, or you are not going to be around for too long. When you ask him why you have not met anyone of his folks, he gives you lame excuses. Either they are busy, always on vacation, or in due time. If you have not met his family or friends, that is a sign that the relationship is not going anywhere.

Having different interests or goals

How long can you be in relationship without knowing where it is heading. You want to know what plans are in store for the relationship. Things you consider to be important such as marriage and children you want to be on the same page. Some couples may want the same things but are at different places in their lives. Is he actively doing things or positioning himself to make space for you in his life? Or again making empty promises?  Have you given him a time frame? Lots of women don’t want to discuss a time-frame. I like to set goals, even relationships goals, and with that you must have a time frame, correct? So why can’t you set one when it comes to achievements in your relationship such as I see myself getting married in x amount of years and having children. 

The reason why some women don’t want to give time-frame is that they are worried their men might leave. Well, you must be assertive so there will be no misunderstanding. This is why it’s important, for example, what if he wants to get married and have children in his 40’s and you do not? However, you were under the impression that you both were on the same page as you thought just agreeing with him was enough, and not being specific with a time-frame.

Or what if you sat around and waited years and wasted your time. There is nothing more awful than sitting around waiting for a man to fulfill your desires or his promises, and he does not. Now years gone by that you cannot replace. Ladies nothing is wrong with being straightforward down to the t with what you want. It’s not being pushy as you are not forcing anyone. If you scare him off oh well. Then he wasn’t a keeper as he would be impressed that you are a woman who knows what you want, that’s a good attribute. If we don’t speak up sometimes we end up in a stagnant relationship.

Lost of interest in each other

If your partner has lost interest in you then the relationship has ended. He doesn’t want to have any sexual interactions and wants to spend time with others than you. This never seize to amaze me when two healthy couples are no longer physically intimate that’s a tell all. Just withholding all sorts of things that make a relationship healthy and desirable. Especially if you know that was not the case in the beginning. It was on and popping. The mind can be a terrible thing as some people truly try to convince themselves otherwise that maybe it’s not so, or he/she will come around. If there is no solid reason why his interest has shifted, then the relationship has gone downhill. 

I am sure there are more ways to identify a dead-end relationship but those are just a few. Sometimes we don’t need others to tell us what we already know but to validate our feelings. Well this post is to help you validate what you are feeling. As I have said in this post know where you stand, make your claim, and waste no time. A dead-end relationship is just that a dead end. 

Thank you folks for reading I hope this was helpful. Have you been in a dead-end relationship and would like to share your experience? I would love to hear your comments.