In relationships some of us want to get to a particular place and fast. But slow your roll cuz that is not how that works. The thought of experiencing some Good Love sounds great doesn’t it? But the action that one has to put forth to get Good love ain’t easy at all. So, let me tell you all about it.

Now, I ain’t talking about the physical aspect, yes that is some good love too, but that is not it. When we do not put in the work, time, and commitment in our relationships we cut ourselves short from truly experiencing some Good Love.

Good love comes with imperfections. Good love takes time. Y’all hear that.

We have all gone through hell in relationships because of conflicts with ourselves and others. And unfortunately, at times, those turmoil caused the death of some relationships. Nothing kills a relationship faster than when folks just do not give a damn. Where we do not take responsibility for our actions, blame the other, not take into account how our behaviors affect our partners, put our needs first and not correct our actions.

When we are ready, truly understand the definition of a relationship, and able to put in the work that it demands, the stars collide as they like to say, then we could experience some good love if we give ourselves the chance. The task is not easy, but it is up to you.

Getting to that Good Love in your relationship is most definitely putting up with some unpleasantries. You ain’t think you were gonna get there smooth sailing, did you? Not no abuse, some on and off foolishness, or fraudulent mess, no sir. It is having to put up with your partner’s ways and personality that you have to learn to accept because it is doesn’t pose a risk to you, or the relationship. It is most definitely some disagreements and quarrels. It is also compromising, supporting, and giving of yourself. It is riding the waves in your relationship.

When you have gotten to that place

Good Love is when you know that you and your partner have been there, and done that. When you know that you two have fought the good fight. Not literally fought each other, do not do that. It is when you two have made it, and have arrived at a distinctive place in your relationship. The place where you have accepted each other in all of your hot messes, it is unbreakable, and the Love is Stronger than Ever.

So, I danced to this song with my hubby over the past weekend, after we went dining, and returned to the hotel. Our hotel room became our dance floor. In that moment, dancing to I rather, I said this is what Good Love feels like. And I am not saying that because I was just treated to the most delicious seafood, and dancing to one of my favorite songs on my weekend get away ( that food sure did help though and had me feeling right). The song speaks to, Good Love.

When you have arrived at Good Love it will have you singing or saying, I will rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. I rather be beside you in a storm than somewhere safe all by myself. Yass Luther Yass!!!

Now, I believe those words, I Rather, to be true. Having to rough the storms of life with someone can quickly tear you apart. And makes you feel defeated doesn’t it? These inevitable parts of relationships ain’t easy at all. And who the heck would say the rough patches are enjoyable, right, as they just do not feel good at all. They are not my favorite parts of my relationship, but our relationship grew from those experiences.

We stood together, and weathered the storms. That was all a part of getting to our Good love. Loving each other through painful moments to get to where we are today. Standing together in that hotel room holding each other as though it was our first dance, about 20 years ago, in that Bronx club. Look how far our Love has come.

Good love did not arrive in the beginning, or only from the positives that I can clearly point out in our relationship.

It was not only from the consistency of our love. Or the affection and respect that we have for each other. It was not only holding hands, kisses, making love or any of that. It also wasn’t that Mr. man would have done anything to show me that his love had no limits.

I stand in Good Love because we loved each other in our young passionate love.

A love that was raw and unfiltered. A love that was once filled with uncontrollable emotions and feelings that we did not have a handle on. It was jealousy, anger, disappointments, frustration, that has transformed to patience, understanding, and making each other’s needs just as important as our own.

And why do we all Love us some Good Love, well it is because:

Good love feels like my favorite sexy dress, it fits like a glove. It embraces all of me. It makes me feel confident. Good Love feels like I can take on the world.

Good love love feels like Luther Vandross silky voice. I can’t get enough. I want more.

Good love have me feeling like, Jah Cure “You will never find no one in this lifetime that could love you like I do”. Good Love makes you believe that there is no other love like it.

Good Love just feels Damn Good. Doesn’t it?

Thank you friends for reading. What is Good Love for you and how does it make you feel?