A questionable TikTok video reveals a Hinge user sharing their experience with setting up an offline date. The video, which raises concerns of online dating rules, was seen over 300,000 times.

In a series of viral tweets and a TikTok video, a Hinge user called Clarke shared her experience with organizing a date. All of it began with her profile timely, which motivated potential matches to merely respond with a time and date to satisfy for a date.

In reaction, a male user recommended a time and location. It was exposed that this place was really near to his house, while it would have been an hour-long journey for Clarke to fulfill him there.

Clarke responded that this didn’t reveal much factor to consider for her, and shared this conversation online. Many commenters concurred and disagreed with Clarke’s analysis of her match.

Protectors of Clarke mentioned that if didn’t take her into factor to consider now, he would not make a good partner down the line. Others thought Clarke to be obstinate, and reading excessive into the other user’s tip.

Eventually this legend highlights that various people have various expectations of online dating rules. It likewise stresses the value of the talking phase prior to a date, and some potential ‘warnings’ that singles need to bear in mind.