Nocam is a new social networks app, called as “BeReal meets TikTok”. The platform lets users share short-form videos with friends … however with a twist. Users are unable to see themselves while tape-recording videos, indicating higher credibility and less self-consciousness.

The principle for Nocam is that catching a minute from life must be natural, which having a ‘mirror’ in front of you when tape-recording a video breaks that.

“You understand what you’re pointing at– why do you require to see this sneak peek?” postures Justin Spraggins, Nocam’s co-founder and CEO in an interview with TechCrunch.

Users start on Nocam by letting the platform gain access to their address book, discovering friends. They will then get day-to-day triggers to tape-record videos, every one being 8 seconds optimum. Videos are shared to each user’s network, not as direct messages.

These triggers consist of motivating users to do a ridiculous activity, dance, or difficulty.

TechCrunch reports that BeReal is seeing decreasing user activity, which including a video aspect which triggers users to do something fascinating might resonate with that audience.

Nocam raised pre-seed financing of $400,000 from General Catalyst and Dream Machine to check out various ideas for the platform. It is now aiming to raise a seed round following its current launch.

The app is available on iOS and is free to download.