A new series called Next, which information a variety of bad first dates, is introducing solely on TikTok. The program, developed by and starring Australian starlet Chloe Bayliss, drew motivation from real-life dating scary stories shared by friends, cast, and team.

Stories consist of an axe-throwing date where primary character Amy is informed by her date that there might be a hold-up prior to the second date as he’s heading to jail quickly. Episodes last in between one to 3 minutes in length, ideal for TikTok’s short-form video format.

The series will be launched solely on TikTok as it can be launched instantly, without needing to await financing, Bayliss informed ABC News. The series was made with the filmmakers’ own cash, with the cast and team working for free.

Bayliss, who is set to get wed this year, didn’t mean for the job to be a criticism of online dating and the first dates that emerge from it.

She highlights “it’s a truly good chance to satisfy people [who] are beyond your circle”, however “it can be stressful”.

You can view the first 3 episodes of Next here.