Julie Inman-Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, has actually shared her point of view on the advancement of AI and the effect it might have on internet security. She alerts that new developments are not sticking to the concepts of ‘security by style’.

Her remarks come relating to a New York Times column entitled ‘This Changes Everything’. The short article cautions that AI development is taking place at breakneck speed, however without technologists completely thinking about the possibly hazardous effect these tools can have.

The post composes “One of 2 things should take place. Humankind needs to accelerate its adjustment to these innovations or a cumulative, enforceable choice should be made to slow the advancement of these innovations. Even doing both might not suffice”.

Inman– Grant chooses the post’s message on decreasing advancement, asking “Why do we NOT discover the lessons from Web 1 & 2 and mindfully evaluate threat & alleviate versus the highly likely potential of abuse & damage as we launch these new innovations?”, in a current LinkedIn post.

“We are back to ‘moving quick and breaking things’ instead of taking a human-centred #safetybydesign method. Even in this first quarter of 2023, we’ve seen no proof that any ‘digital guardrails’ have actually been embedded prior to effective AI tools have actually been let loose”, she continued.

“It’s all well and good to have accountable AI ethics concepts in location however they are ineffective if not used”, she concluded.