Meet Kinksters, the dating app that empowers people to link on both romantic and sexual measurements, has actually released its newest seed round. The app is getting financial investments by means of the WeFunder platform, and has actually raised $6,500 up until now.

Meet Kinksters is welcoming people to own a part of it, going live on WeFunder and providing financiers a special way to get included.

“Invest in the future of relationship success, where people match based upon both romantic and sexual compatibility”, the platform shared.

WeFunder enables people to invest just $100 in start-ups they want to support. It describes that “You choose which business deserve financing. If business succeeds, you might generate income. If it does not succeed, you lose all your cash”.

Rather than getting associated with the stock exchange, where business are usually big organisations, WeFunder permits financial investment in early-stage companies.

Meet Kinksters has actually gotten $6,500 up until now in this seed round. Lead financier Andrea Jacobson discussed her financial investment stating “I’m purchasing Meet Kinksters due to the fact that online dating is broken and needs repairing”.

“Meet Kinksters is at its core about offering people a battling possibility at success in a new relationship by calling out some “taboo” subjects early on”, she included.

You can learn more by going to Meet Kinksters’ WeFunder page here.

You can discover essential legal disclosures about WeFunder here.