Loop is a freshly established platform that assists people discover romantic intros. Users can sign up with either as singles all set to socialize, or as matchmakers aiming to establish friends in their network.

In an interview with The Harbus, the co-founders of Loop described that the platform seeks to resolve the problem of rely on online dating. They share that many users do not rely on the info they see about others, and seem like they are being lied to.

Loop seeks to assist link singles in an approach that’s been used throughout human history, by utilizing the power of relied on sources and friends. That’s why Loop makes it possible for matchmaking friends to get included and begin supporting single friends to discover new romantic connections.

With shared friends able to suggest potential matches, the concern of trust is dealt with. “When you speak with someone who has actually effectively set their good friend up, they will not stop talking about it. It’s due to the fact that it’s the very best thing you can do. And it makes them feel good”, stated co-founder Lian Zucker.

As these 2 types of user profiles, the app likewise has a spotlight tool, which permits users to pitch a good friend to their full network of contacts, comparable to a virtual singles pitch night.

The Harbus composes that Loop’s objective is to “persuade people to leave the swipe-based apps and rely on their friends rather”.

The platform released on the Harvard Business School school on April 9th, and is available on the Apple App Store.