The creator of LGBTQIA+ dating app LESGO described in a current column why he set out to produce the platform. Nick Aldrich questioned why the Queer community was stuck to “bin-fire-esque apps”.

In a post for Gay Times, LESGO creator Nick Aldrich highlighted modern-day life is filled with a lot of apps, however that the LGBTQIA+ community has just a little choice of poor quality platforms to select from.

After unfavorable experiences on gay networking apps, he understood that “there’s a basic issue with the online culture of gay men”. To make things even worse, existing apps were refraining from doing enough to deal with problems, eventually “actively powering this toxic online culture”.

He chose to produce his own platform, LESGO, which seems a “one-stop-shop LGBTQ+ option to online dating, relationship and connect apps”.

A few of the precaution on LESGO consist of confirmed profiles, making use of real names (rather than usernames), and a coordinating system that makes sure users just chat with those who reveal interest.

These features were embraced “all in the effort to cancel vicious shutdown type responds from people not into them and/or stop unsolicited messages from people they’re not into”.

Aldrich repeated that this LGBTQ+ platform was made by and for this community, instead of “gays being contributed to straight platforms/apps in what seems like an afterthought”.

He shares that if any users have feedback on the platform, they can contact him at

LESGO is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play shop now.