A victim of Andrew Tate’s predatory behaviour online has actually stepped forward to share her story. She discusses that she matched with Tate on a dating app, mentioned seeing him, and was pressed by him to join his sex work organization.

Sharing her testament with Vice World News, Lisa (not her real name) discusses she matched with Tate on Tinder, and after that met him in reality where he appeared captivating and good. Ultimately, Tate provided her a warning: to be my sweetheart you need to work for me.

Lisa would later on find this ‘work’ indicated carrying out for Tate’s web cam sex company situated in Romania.

She shared that she found Tate was hiring potential employees from dating platforms and social networks sites, utilizing the ‘loverboy’ method of bring in women and after that exploiting them for his service interests.

Tate, who was just recently jailed by Romanian