How To Not Be Awkward Around A Guy You Like

Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • Accept that it’s natural to feel awkward.
  • Take a few moments to relax your anxiety before engaging with him.
  • Find common ground, start off light and use mirrored body language.
  • Ask engaged questions and actively listen to his responses.
  • Practice these strategies to become more confident and at ease.

It’s common to feel insecure and worried about coming off as awkward when spending time with a guy you’re attracted to. In this article, we will discuss how to boost your self-assurance and act appropriately around the guys you fancy.

We all suffer from overthinking from time to time. Then, when we realize that our behavior is unsettling others, we often persist in it. Never fear, though; we’ve got 7 tried-and-true ways to get guys’ attention for all the right reasons.

Keep in mind all of the advice given below on how to behave around the guys you have feelings for. Attempting to immediately implement each of the strategies we outline below may seem daunting at first. Remembering this, it’s best to start with just one or two of the strategies for appearing confident in the presence of a guy and work your way up to using more.

1. Have confidence

This is one of the trickiest concepts to grasp, but if you believe in yourself, you’ve already made significant progress toward your goal of always appearing confident around guys. The best way to improve is to focus on your strengths and positive qualities. See: How to get a guy to like you.

People will naturally be drawn to you more if you put in the effort to remember your positive traits and maintain a confident attitude that you possess them.

Confidence, however, is problematic because it tends to bring about results that confirm the individual’s initial expectations. If you can convince yourself that you’re fun to be around, you’ll radiate confidence and attract even more friends.

There’s no way our crush feels awkward or self-conscious when we’re back in their company. We find it hard to believe that they could find anything distasteful in their own selves.

But, in the end, we are all just flesh and blood. Think about this the next time you find yourself in close proximity to a guy you’re interested in talking to further. He’s a human being, so he probably feels awkward striking up conversations with strangers.

Take comfort in this knowledge and allow yourself to unwind in his company, even if it means making some blunders. It’s fine if he made mistakes; he probably won’t notice and is probably still self-conscious about past transgressions, too.

2. Have your friends approach him

When we’re around people we know and love who also have high opinions of us, our self-esteem can quickly recover. Therefore, it is best to have your conversation with the guy you like when your friends are around. In this way, you can feel assured in presenting your best self.

It’s best to get together with a large group of friends at a time when everyone can feel at ease and have fun. If you share common friends, he may feel more at ease as well.

3. Say less

A lot of the time, we all put too much stock in saying the right thing at the right time. As a result, we tend to talk excessively in an effort to come across as outgoing and assured, even though this is rarely successful. Contrarily, keeping calm and giving the impression of confidence can help you get through any situation.

You should try to keep in mind that it may be helpful to say less at first if you want to get to a place where you feel you can make an easy conversation with a guy you have a crush on. If you let him talk to you, you will hopefully feel more at ease, and you will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will say or do something that will embarrass you.

4. Be kind

One way to boost your self-assurance is to examine your actions and determine whether or not they can be described as respectful and kind. As important as it is to keep in mind that the guy you like is a flawed human being like yourself, remember that being kind can go a long way.

This is true even if you believe that he may prefer a treat them mean to keep them keen approach. Because of this, they will come to enjoy your company more, and when they are at ease, you will feel a similar sense of calm. As communication becomes less of an issue, people are able to get to know one another better.

There must be some reason why humans have only one mouth and two ears. If you want someone to enjoy being in your company, listening to them is essential. Just as I said before, you’ll feel more at ease and less anxious when they enjoy their time with you.

Asking a person about themselves is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation. They will always have a good time talking to you if you ask them questions that allow them to share about themselves and the things that matter to them.

Therefore, a guy will have very high opinions of you, and you’ll begin to feel more at ease in his company. He wants to spend as much time as possible in your company, and once you realize this, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

5. Smile

Having a pleasant facial expression is a powerful tool for easing tensions with others and with oneself. So, always put on a happy face when you’re with the man you’re crushing on. You’ll find that the guy you have a crush on talks to you more and puts you at ease again if you just smile.

We all have times when we feel too self-conscious to crack a smile, but when in doubt, just try to force one and hold out hope that your self-consciousness will fade and your charm will win over your crush.


Why am I so awkward around boys?

If you lack self-assurance, it can be challenging to overcome feelings of awkwardness or shyness around boys. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in experiencing low self-esteem; many people, including some you might not expect, struggle with this issue. Sincere and genuine acts of kindness are often well received.

Why do I feel so uneasy when I’m in the company of a male?

Awkwardness around males is a common experience. Many people experience anxiety when interacting with people of the opposite sex, especially if they have romantic feelings for one of them. The adrenaline rush you feel when you’re in close proximity to an attractive person is just a natural physiological response.

What can I do to feel more comfortable in social situations?

It may take some time, but you can learn to feel comfortable in social situations. Trust in your own skills and abilities. Don’t panic if you start to feel anxious around men; it’s possible that they are experiencing the same thing when they initiate conversation with you.

How can you tell if a guy likes you or not?

Knowing if a guy doesn’t like you is challenging because of the wide variety of responses you might get. In most cases, men will at least enjoy your company if you make an effort to see them and smile when they are nearby. He might not see you romantically if you can’t appreciate these things about yourself.

Is it difficult to convince him to hang out with you?

Understanding men’s emotions on a deeper level is the key to finding a solution. The most important cause of men’s behavior like this can be altered with just a few well-placed words.

How To Make Sure You Are Not Awkward Talking To A Guy

Confidence issues are common when you’re around a guy you’re attracted to, and it’s hard to avoid them. Confidence isn’t always something you feel, but it’s the best thing to project in those moments.

Soon enough, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and put people at ease. If you act as though you already have self-assurance, you will develop that trait and find that you are not at all self-conscious when you are in the company of the guys you have feelings for.

Do you ever feel like he’s the only person in the world who won’t return your thoughts, even though you can’t stop thinking about him?

This is not evidence that he dislikes you. It is essential that you comprehend his psychological make-up. When you do, you’ll discover a simple thing to say to him that will have a profound effect on the way he expresses his feelings for you.

You can avoid feeling awkward when talking to your crush by using these four strategies.

Make Your V-Card Your Own

Not even close to referring to your virginity. I’m referring to how easily you could be hurt.

Talking to a stranger takes courage; talking to someone you have a crush on takes even more nerve. Having nerves when you first meet someone you’re really into is normal.

If you want to impress the person you have a crush on, you should Accept the reality that vulnerability is an attractive part about you. Your natural reaction in your crush’s presence is more authentic than a scripted maneuver, as Armet puts it. That exciting mystery is what makes having a crush so exciting.

Give your crush the lead by simply smiling and asking, Smile and say, ‘How’s it going?’ And then let your crush take it from there.

Just be who you are, nerves and all, instead of plotting out some elaborate scheme involving bumping into one another. We’ve reached the age where there are no cooties and it’s perfectly acceptable to express romantic interest in another person.

When it comes to meeting potential partners, The reality is, vulnerability is the most attractive quality when you are out there in the dating world.

Are you listening to that? The ability to show vulnerability attracts attention.

Two, Drop the C-Word

By C-word, of course, I mean compliment. How often do you get compliments you don’t appreciate?

Even if it’s a backhanded “You look less tired than you normally do”, compliments are always appreciated. In addition to receiving one, giving one is a delight.

Safran acknowledges that it is simpler to simply offer praise. You needn’t say that his eyes are as deep as the sea in order to compliment him; instead, you could simply say that you enjoy admiring his footwear. Or, more precisely, his remarks from the meeting earlier today.

Seeing your crush for who he is demonstrated when you are perceptive to a part of his character beyond the physical, which is exactly what every girl wants to hear.

You will be the reason your crush is experiencing positive emotions.

Do you still have the fear? Have water cooler type discussions prepared. Perhaps your city is a sports city, there is something trending that everyone is talking about.

Have a chat with someone. If you overanalyze the situation, it will only make matters worse.

Maintain a Low Key Atmosphere

It can be intimidating to take things from friend to flirt if your crush is someone you work with or is part of a larger friend group. The stakes are much higher than they would be on Bumble.

Begin slowly by accepting an invitation from someone outside of your usual social circle.

Since many first dates end in disappointment, Safran advises daters to take their time getting to know potential partners outside of the workplace by simply hanging out with them.

Asking a coworker or friend out can be a nerve-wracking experience. Learn more about them first. The next step should only be taken after you’ve taken the risk of becoming friends.

Ask them to get together in a smaller group for coffee and a chat about their time in graduate school. Armet explains that inviting a coworker to meet up outside of the office is a practical way to assess his receptivity because it will give you a chance to observe the way he connects with you on a personal level.

In this way, your potential date won’t misinterpret your advances. Assuming they do, however… For the first piece of advice, look there. The principle of vulnerability is paramount.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re nervous about making the first move in a romantic relationship, why not practice your flirting skills on random people first?

Practice with strangers and see the physiological response you have when you take those risks. By becoming familiar with those feelings, it will get easier to approach the guy you actually like without being so awkward.

Do the smallest possible thing and aim for the biggest possible thing. In order to succeed, it’s crucial to get used to putting yourself out there.

What if an unknown person turns you down? Great. This mysterious visitor was completely unknown to us. And if you live in constant fear of being rejected, you’ll never be able to let your guard down and truly connect with others.

You have to be OK with rejection in order to be successful. Plenty of people have actually been rejected due to timing and not due to a lack of interest.

I’ve gotten stuck on the reasons why things didn’t work out so many times, blaming my own actions, feelings, or even my body type, only to learn from an ex-lover that it was just bad timing and a bad match.

If you’re nervous and awkward around your crush, practicing the worst-case scenario (rejection) can help.

Stop stressing about having a crush and just enjoy the feeling. The best parts of life are the ones you spend with your crush. They are refreshingly naive, transport you back to your childhood, and amp up the fun factor.

Don’t be so sure that you’re too awkward, I’d venture to say that the term is really just a synonym for being exposed.

Because we’re all just a little bit exposed, we all feel a little awkward. Those who aren’t afraid to ask for what they want share this trait. They are simply more adept at covering up their fears and proceeding with the task at hand.

Make believe until you become real. Having patience is a virtue. Totally dominate the competition.