New research study from Psychology Today has actually highlighted “the severe truth” that men deal with when dating online. The analysis discovered that many men need to end up being “emotionally attuned to themselves” if they wish to discover dating success.

Comprehending the context

In a new short article from couples and family psychologist Greg Matos, he highlights that men deal with troubles on dating apps.

He describes that dating apps have actually ended up being speed-dating-esque, with users investing brief quantities of time evaluating potential matches. As an outcome of this, he highlights that physical appearance has actually ended up being the most considerable requirements.

Considering that beauty is thought about prior to other elements such as earnings, intelligence, or heat, the “bottom line is that dating apps do not appear to have actually offered a leg up to those viewed as less physically appealing”, he sums up.

What the information informs us

How does this impact men? Well Matos raises the findings launched by Hinge Engineer Aviv Goldgeier in 2017. These stats reveal that 50% of women’s likes went to simply 15% of men on the dating platform.

In contrast, 50% of men’s likes on the app went to 25% of women on the app at that time, Goldgeier shared.

This indicates that if physical appearance stays a crucial aspect, then most of men, who are not viewed as really appealing, will deal with minimal opportunities for matches.

What now?

To resolve this, Matos thinks that the “most significant chance for the best variety of men is to first highlight their character, heat, and wit on their profile by reacting to triggers or preparing captivating ‘about me’ areas”, he composed.

If men have the ability to develop an emotional connection with a match rapidly, then a phone or first date is on the cards. This offers men a possibility to stand apart among the other matches that their date might be speaking with.

Matos’ 3 tips for men due to this is:

  1. Pick good pictures with good lighting, consisting of some activity reveals. This will assist make a good impression for the important requirements of physical appearance.
  2. Compose an interesting and genuine caption or bio that will be eye-catching.
  3. Start a conversation within 24 hours of matching, and be responsive if the match responds.


Looking ahead, Matos highlights the significance of emotional attunement fo rmen. “Dating appears to be getting more difficult for a growing variety of men who might be chronically and involuntarily single and sexless”, he described.

To resolve this problem, he shares that over the next few years “we will require to support boys to first ended up being emotionally attuned to themselves and after that to end up being efficient communicators and adapters”.

“The dating success of a great deal of men will need it”, he concludes.