How To Get A Guy’s Attention From Across The Room

Key Takeaways:

  • Master the art of subtlety
  • Be confident
  • Have fun
  • Smile, laugh and make eye contact
  • Send a friend over

How to Flirt Subtly with a Guy from a Distance

How do you flirt with a gorgeous man you saw across the room? Perhaps you observed someone you’re attracted to at a bar, at a party, or a few tables away in a coffee shop and want to grab their attention.

The trick is to make dazzling eye contact and flirting movements!

You don’t have to speak to someone to start flirting and testing the waters. Simply follow these flirting strategies to create an excellent first impression from across the room.

Make eye contact and smile.

Allow him to catch you glancing every now and again. Eye contact is the simplest and most direct method to express your interest in a man. Exchange a few looks here and there, but never too many.

Make possibilities available to him

Not every guy has the guts to make a move on a female at first sight. So assist him by providing him with additional opportunity to speak with you.

If you want to catch a guy’s attention and offer him the greatest opportunity of approaching you, go by him alone on your way to the ladies’ room, graze into him at the counter and apologize with a nice smile, and so on.

How to flirt with a man without really flirting with him

1. Be seen in the same locations

Occasionally run encounter him at the cafeteria or at the gym. You may apply the suggestions to attract a man at first sight without having to speak to him.

Simply attract his attention and allow him to miss you when you are not around.

2. Begin with a casual stare

From across the room, do you see someone you like? Don’t be too hasty. Flirting takes time, but it will be worth it! Begin with casual looks. You don’t want to start ogling him and making him feel awkward.

So, relax and take your time getting to know him. You don’t want him to suspect you of stalking him. Because flirty may soon become uncomfortable if a stranger is looking at you from across the room.

3. Make Brief Eye Contact

He’ll start to notice you eventually. And when he does and looks back at you with interest, lock eyes for a second or two.

The initial eye contact should just last long enough to convey to him that you’re interested. So, look away right now.

4. Scanning the Room and Repeat Glancing

Once you’ve made him aware of your presence, search the room before returning your gaze to him. If that momentary eye contact had led him to believe it was merely a passing look, this second gaze would undoubtedly convey a clearer message. However, this step works best when you are aware that they are staring at you in order to seem as natural as possible. If not, wait for him to establish another eye contact.

5. Lock your gaze but don’t linger

Now that you’ve told him what’s on your mind, it’s time to get him excited. Lock your gaze with him for a little longer than usual, but don’t stare at him for too long.

You’re making him curious as to why you’re no longer staring at him. With that seed of interest sown, he may begin to gaze at you more often. He’s the one who’s gazing at you now.

6. Flirting with Reverse Eye Contact

Don’t gaze at him directly, but keep him in your peripheral vision. That way, you’ll know whether he’s making eye contact with you. If he’s paying attention and gazing at you as much as you were before starring at him, your eye contact flirting strategy is working. That implies it’s time to do the opposite!

The timing of this step is critical to its success.

Look back at him once you’re certain he’s gazing at you in an effort to “catch his attention. “ Make him believe he’s the one with one eye on you. It cannot be the other way around!

7. Increase your eye contact and smile.

You’re both looking at each other now, clearly intrigued. It’s time to take the leap and offer him a smile after all those stray looks. And if you’re feeling brave, how about flashing him a wink?

If he returns your smile or gives you a wink, you’ve hit gold!

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Catch a Guy’s Attention

You are not an adolescent, therefore don’t approach a guy like one!

Before we get into some very simple techniques to catch a guy’s attention, I’d want to discuss a few typical pitfalls that women make while attempting to do so.

Mistake 1 – Immaturity

This is more common with younger ladies, but trust me when I say that females of all ages have made this mistake.

When you make him jealous on purpose, or worse, have your buddy tell his friend that you like him…

You’re behaving like you’re in middle school. You aren’t. There are more effective and valuable methods to gain his attention.

Mistake 2 – Attraction Is Not Equal to Attention

Just because you have his attention does not imply he will be attracted to you.

It’s very simple to get a guy’s attention, but that doesn’t mean he’ll want to date you. Just something to keep in mind. Once you have his attention, pay close attention to how he reacts to you. Is he smiling while listening to every word, or is he more interested in checking his phone than in talking to you? The more acute your observation abilities, the less time you will spend on the incorrect guy.

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Mistake 3 – Being Unsure What to Do With His Attention

So you’ve grabbed his attention now what? If you’re new (or returning) to the dating scene, you may be nervous about flirting or expressing your interest. It will take some practise, but you can do it!

First, determine if he is unmarried, straight, and interested. This is usually obvious within a few minutes of conversation. Look for a wedding band, but also keep an eye out for a possible partner (female or male) who may be returning to claim her or his mate!

Once you have his attention, keep the conversation going and make it apparent that you’re not just being nice (you’re being flirty and friendly!).