How To Get A Guy To Talk To You

Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • Be confident and authentic when starting a conversation.
  • Be cognizant of body language.
  • Be comfortable with giving compliments.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • Have an open mind and practice patience.

Without any hesitance or fear, some ladies will walk up to a guy they find attractive and tell them they do. Obviously, you are not one of those people if you are here and reading this. There are women who can approach any guy they like, but there are also girls who are so shy that they can’t even look at a man they have feelings for. Everybody’s different, and no judgment here – you’ll want to learn these techniques if that describes you.

How then do the most introverted among us attract a companion? You see, instead of breaking the ice themselves, they become experts at getting a guy to talk to them.

Since they have already established the other person’s level of interest through their conversation, the risk of rejection is reduced in this scenario.

How to get a guy to talk to you

If you’re anything like the average person, you’ve probably spent a lot of time staring longingly at the person you have a crush on and fantasizing about finally getting up the courage to approach him and confess your feelings. When they finally look in your direction, however, you quickly snap out of it.

Let them take the initiative if you’re too timid to approach the object of your affection on your own. Follow these tried and true methods to increase your chances of success the next time you try to strike up a conversation with a male. In no time at all, they’ll have him walking right up to you.

1. Maintain direct eye contact with him.

Making eye contact across the bar is the surest way to convey your interest in the other person. You have to let him know you’re interested in and available for conversation if you want him to make the first move.

He won’t find you approachable if he notices you never glance in his direction.

A better strategy would be to catch his eye, then quickly avert your gaze. It will send the message that you’re interested in him if you do it several times over the course of an hour. That’s a sure thing, and he’ll definitely take advantage of it.

2. Give him a friendly grin.

To get a guy to talk to you, try this. He might misinterpret your expressionless stare as disinterest or a distraction and assume you’re looking elsewhere.

Give him a good reason to want to get to know you better by flashing that charming grin of yours. Men are naturally drawn to a woman’s smile more so than her lack thereof.

Make sure to flash your whites when making eye contact. What it amounts to is a giant flashing red arrow pointing directly at your head, urging him to act. A positive attitude goes a long way in attracting potential suitors, who are more likely to approach a cheerful woman.

3. Wave at him

Even if a smile and direct gaze aren’t enough to get his attention, a wave never hurts. The wave is a surefire way to get him to talk to you if that’s what you want.

Those who are extremely shy may find it challenging. It can be difficult to determine the intended recipient of a person’s gaze; he may ignore your attempts to make eye contact with the possibility that he is looking at someone else.

You can add cuteness to your wave by doing so. Avoid flailing your hand aimlessly in the air. Once you have his attention, give him a modest wave. He’ll leave the rest of his group to come talk to you as soon as you wave your fingers. In any situation, here’s how to catch a man’s eye:

4. Talk To His Friends

Those who aren’t as timid as others can benefit from this strategy. Talk to one of his friends instead if you don’t feel comfortable talking to him right away.

It need not be a pick-up line, as he might misinterpret it. But if you interrupt and compliment his friend’s taste in music, he may use that as an opening to strike up a conversation with you as well.

This strategy could be misunderstood, so proceed with caution. Don’t let the guy you like think you have a crush on his friend. He despises the idea of being a cock block.

5. Pass seductively by him as you strut your stuff

Women should practice walking in such a way that when they pass a man, he turns his head to watch her leave. In a secluded area, walk slowly but confidently while swaying your hips. Look up at his eyes as you pass them and wait for them to meet.

Next, quickly pass him so he inhales your scented perfume. This strategy almost always succeeds, so if he doesn’t start following you around like a lost puppy after that, he might not be interested in pursuing you at all.

6. Drop something on purpose

It’s hard to find a more time-tested method than this one. If you want a man to come up to you, play up the role of the damsel in distress. Just walk past him, preferably in a seductive manner, while dropping the item in question.

To make this less obvious, you could be taking something out of your purse at the same time, like your phone, and have something else pop out at the same time. Make sure it’s something that will make him want to come after you.

7. Buy him a drink

Again, this is a daring choice, even if you’re not directly communicating with him, but it has a great track record. Ask the bartender to bring the man you have your eye on another drink on the house if he is too preoccupied with his conversation with friends to have noticed you.

He’ll definitely want to know where it came from, and he’ll definitely want to give you a personal thank you. This not only gets him over to you, but it shows him immediately you’re interested in him. Not even he could have planned a better introduction for himself!

8. Make yourself available

A guy won’t make the first move if you’re with five of your gal pals. No one wants their pick-up lines to be on display like that; it’s intimidating.

In order to increase your chances of initiating conversation with a potential suitor, it’s best to go out with no more than one other friend. Having to fight off his pals to get to you will no longer be an issue. And, please, for the sake of all that is good in the world, don’t bring a guy. To be much more approachable to men, try these charming strategies.

9. Look great!

Dressing to impress is the best way to attract male attention on a night out. If you want a guy to approach you, you should try to look hot. While a man’s initial attraction to you may be based purely on appearance, don’t discount the power of a good first impression.

Don’t go out in a t-shirt and jeans. Some guys might find this attractive, but the vast majority will assume you’re either taken or not interested in dating. Put on your skinniest dress, highest heels, and sexiest red lip. Learn how to instantly become more physically attractive here:

10. Act as though you’re having a better time than he is

To want to join in on the fun of something that looks interesting is innate to the human condition. Make sure he knows how much fun you’re having by telling him about it after a round of darts or another party game.

He’ll approach you if he thinks you’re the center of attention. This fantastic approach for the timid allows you to divert your attention from the cute guy to the fun you’re having together. However, you are still able to captivate his attention.

11. Have a plan

Every scenario, like every dude, is unique. Thus, you will need a different strategy depending on the situation. Depending on whether you work with him or just happen to see him in a crowded bar, you’ll want to take a different approach.

His character plays a role as well. If he is friendly and outgoing, you can make a joke or two in a group setting. However, if he is timid, that won’t go over well. The key is to have something ready in advance without making it sound too scripted.

12. Put a Question to Him

You might be able to glean some insight into his preferences once you get to know him better. There are many males who enjoy these pastimes, especially sports, music, and video games. Check out his profiles on various networks to learn more about his views and opinions.

Find out what he enjoys doing, and then you can ask him a question about it. It sounds as if you and he share some interests or values. Just ask him questions about something he enjoys, and he’ll start chatting with you.

I heard you’re a golf fanatic; can you recommend a set of clubs for me to get started? To get a guy talking, here are 41 easy conversation starters.

13. Get yourself a wing woman

Having a compatriot in crime is always fun. If you’re too shy to approach him first, have a friend do it for you. If your pal knows him, that’s a plus.

Recruit one of your more gregarious pals if you don’t have any other contacts who might know him.

Ask your friend to brag about you to him when they see him. Make sure your pal brags about you to his friends and family. This will pique his interest, and he will likely seek you out.

14. Don’t sugarcoat things.

Men aren’t always good at reading subtle cues. As a matter of fact, he may not appreciate how great you are unless you prove it to him. Don’t forget to tell him when he says something hilarious. Complimenting a guy is a great way to get him to open up to you, and it’s also a great way to start a conversation.

You could also try sarcasm, since many men who can laugh at themselves also enjoy sarcasm. They adore it when a woman can make him laugh and play along with her sense of humor.

15. Be Yourself

You shouldn’t assume a false identity just to strike up a conversation with a man. Stay true to who you are. Don’t try to fool him into thinking you’re someone you’re not, even if you think that alternate you is “better” and that he’ll like you more.

Always be who you truly are, because no one else can replace you. If he grows fond of a false you, he won’t understand you when your true self finally surfaces. Then convince him to like you on your own merits.

How to get a guy to talk to you on social media

16. Follow him

First things first: follow the guy you want to talk to on social media so he can see that you’re interested in what he’s posting. Explore his writings and conversations to learn more about him. But don’t become a stalker by following him on all of his social media.

In order to keep up with him, you should subscribe to the account where he is most popular. You prefer this method because it allows you to remain covert while still attracting his attention. In fact, he may decide to return your pursuit.

17. Be careful not to flood social media with too many selfies

Lots of young women are under the impression that males enjoy perusing their selfies. Unfortunately, males aren’t as enthusiastic as females about this trend. Even though it may be second nature to many, it is a surefire way to drive your fan base crazy. You don’t want him to get the wrong idea about you and dismiss you as narcissistic. Here’s how to make yourself look adorable in every selfie you take!

You want to give him the best possible impression of you, so you’re revising your profile and eliminating any negative information. You should delete anything you wouldn’t want him to see.

18. Comment and interact with him

Respond to his social media posts if and when he makes them. Don’t be the person who always chimes in first, though. You don’t want him to think that your entire day consists of keeping an eye on him. I find that extremely disturbing.

However, try to keep your responses humorous and light. Use humor to catch his attention and encourage him to engage with you.

If you and another person have been corresponding on social media, chances are good that you will eventually be able to meet face to face.

19. Take advantage of your shared circle of friends

Good news if you and the guy you’re interested in both have mutual friends. Better yet would be if your friends know him better than you do. They will have more information about him and may even be able to introduce you on social media.

Having mutual friends write something interesting about you on their profiles is another way to catch his eye. Take pictures of your hangouts together and have them posted. If you’re too shy to approach him directly, you can always hope that he will see you through them.

Knowing how to overcome your shyness and strike up a conversation with a guy is a formidable challenge. But if you follow these suggestions, you’ll be able to attract them!