How to Attract Men: 11 Easy Ways to Attract A Man Using Science

Key Takeaways:

  • Be confident in yourself and own your space.
  • Approach him with purpose and be direct.
  • Be positive and respect yourself.
  • Utilize the power of scent.
  • Show up as the best version of yourself.

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I get it; you’re agitated because you want to know how to attract men so badly, but the truth is that you already do attract them…just not the guys you want.

You probably have no trouble attracting some men, but you’re here because you’re not getting any interest from the males you actually want.

It’s disheartening, that much is certain. Relax, you Sexy Confident Lady; I’m here to help you entice the kind of man you actually want to be with.

Getting Started with Attracting Men

Find out the secrets to attracting men and keeping them interested.

Truth be told, there’s a lot of bad advice out there for women on the internet purporting to teach you how to get a man. I’ve seen articles encouraging women to dress provocatively…

The action of batting one’s eyelashes

Simply put, they have to lower their standards in order to attract male attention.

What you’ve been told is completely false. To attract men, you need not pretend to be someone other than who you really are.

To help you ladies find love, I’ve dug into my years of experience as a dating expert, as well as some good old-fashioned common sense.

Let’s put my knowledge, data, and common sense to work for you and figure out how to entice males.

#1. Kindness

Have you heard of the one trait that’s absolutely crucial to a couple’s personality? Yep. It’s obvious to you. Just be nice to people.

According to a study conducted by David M. Buss of the University of Texas at Austin, kindness is one of the top traits sought after by potential partners around the world. Here is what the research found:

As the quote above states, “kindness is linked with a cooperative disposition, interest in long-term relationships, ability to form social alliances, and empathy in rearing children.”

So, know that kindness can go a long way, even if you aren’t looking for long-term or having kids with a guy. Is there a secret to being sweet to men?

  • Tell him you’re interested in him.
  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards him at all times.
  • Be a little helpful to him here and there.

#2. Youthfulness

No matter how old you are, you can always have a youthful attitude.

I didn’t say “young,” so don’t roll your eyes and move on if you’re a woman over 40. The key is youthfulness, as I mentioned.

You can define youthfulness as having traits more commonly associated with younger people, such as behaviour or physical appearance.

Many assume it’s a matter of chronological age, but I contend that a positive attitude and outlook on life are more significant factors.

Some women in their sixties I know are incredibly vibrant and full of life.

Some 22-year-old women I know are old and lame, boring and too serious. So, as the old adage goes, age is just a number.

Many women wrongly believe that men only want to date younger women. (And if the guy you’re interested in is set on dating someone much younger than you, he’s not the one for you.) You should look for a man who values you for who you are rather than your chronological age.

How do you project an air of youth while working on your techniques to attract men?

  • Don’t worry about what other people your age are doing or saying.
  • Express yourself through the clothes you wear. Make sure you’re happy with how you look by doing your hair and makeup.
  • Honesty is the best policy.

#3. Strong-Willed Women, or Women Who Know Their Own Worth

Know your value and own it if you want to attract men.

Having confidence while dating is a concept that seems to be misunderstood. Being confident doesn’t require you to approach every guy you find attractive, ask them out, and plant the first kiss. What you’re displaying is what I’d call masculine confidence; while there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, I think you’d benefit from cultivating a more feminine brand of assurance. Charming Self-Assurance.

Just how does that appear? Being confident in your worth and the value you bring to a romantic partnership requires accepting that you deserve to be loved.

Self-respecting women have goals that they strive to achieve. She’s not someone to accept second best. Wave him on and say, “Next!” if he doesn’t measure up to your standards. ”

If you want to attract men, you need to know how to own your worth and put it to use:

  • Get specific with your search. Let a man go if he isn’t fulfilling your needs.
  • Never try to conceal who you really are.
  • You should know that you’re a fantastic catch!

#4. Curves

Make the most of your curvy figure!

You’re in luck if you have the hourglass figure made famous by the likes of Sophia Loren, Linda Carter, and Marilyn Monroe.

So far, we’ve discussed ways to entice men with your personality, but I wouldn’t be doing you any favours if I didn’t also cover the topic of physical attractiveness. The physical appearance of a woman is a major factor in attracting men. If I said it wasn’t, you’d know I was lying.

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A man’s natural attraction to a woman with an hourglass figure is undeniable.

Waist-to-hip ratios of.7, the classic hourglass shape, have been shown to be particularly attractive to men.

Last year, researchers used eye-tracking technology to determine how quickly men make judgements about a woman’s hourglass figure. As a result, it’s safe to say that first impressions matter.

Obviously, not every woman should strive to achieve the ideal hourglass figure. Having self-assurance in one’s physical appearance is crucial if one wishes to attract members of the opposite sex. Additional advice is as follows:

  • Put on garments that highlight your best features.
  • Accept and appreciate your physical self. How can you expect anyone else to care if you don’t?
  • Stop worrying so much about your weight. Any and all body types are appreciated by men.

#5. Trends That Should Be Followed

Scientists who study speed dating have discovered that showing interest in a potential partner is enough to spark sexual interest after only a few minutes of meeting.

To show a man your attention, it’s best to focus on him. He deserves your undivided attention and effort. In this state of heightened enthusiasm, he’ll perform better than ever. But if you don’t seem enthusiastic, he’ll assume the worst and move on to someone else.

Here is a subtle way to show him your interest:

  • Hear what he has to say.
  • Pose some queries.
  • Figure out ways to physically interact with him.

#6. Good mental attitude

It’s been found that men find women with upbeat demeanour particularly appealing.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that someone with a good disposition is more appealing to others. Clearly, a pessimistic outlook has never served you well in either love or life.

Women who exude positivity and good vibes are naturally more appealing to men. Men with those traits are probably the ones you find most appealing. Would you agree with me?

This is something I can attest to firsthand. I’ve been on a lot of dates, and it’s true that some women are always negative and gossiping about everyone they meet. When I finally met Jess, however, I realised how drastically different she was. She viewed the world through rosy tinted glasses and found the best in every situation. That’s why I was so attracted to her: because of her magnetic personality.

The following study provides empirical support for this claim: images of women of varying body sizes were presented to men in a controlled experiment. Although the other groups were told a little bit about the women in personality, the control group was given no such details. Positively informed participants found a wider range of body sizes attractive, while those exposed to negative information about personality found a narrower range of body sizes attractive.

Just how can you make the most of your optimistic outlook?

  • Try to hold back from venting any frustrations you may be feeling. (Shut it down!)
  • Avoid bringing up your former partner. That’s a surefire way to attract bad vibes!
  • If he’s being negative, try a different approach.

#7. Honesty

Research finds that people who are perceived as honest come across as more physically fit, mentally healthy, and kinder. Not that you needed another reason to be honest (you should be anyway, not just to attract a man), but it’s nice to know.

Now, I will admit that I have met many men and women who lied to me while we were dating. Why is this happening, I have no idea. Even if you succeed in keeping the guy’s secret for the time being, he will eventually figure out the truth if you want to build anything serious with him. There’s no truth not to be upfront and honest right away.

Given this, it stands to reason that honesty is attractive.

  • If he’s worth it, he can handle the truth.
  • Just tell him up front if there’s a topic you’d rather not discuss.
  • Put the onus back on him to give you an honest answer.

#8. Smile

In an instant, your attractiveness will increase simply by smiling.

In terms of how to attract men, this is one of the most simplistic ways to make yourself more appealing. It’s like getting an instant promotion.

Smiling while conversing, is a topic I cover in many of the more advanced dating courses. The art of Smiling while conversing is difficult for some people (including me in the past), but it can be practiced whenever you have a conversation.

When you put on more of a pleasant demeanor, men smile positively. The act of smiling conveys a sense of contentment and ease. This is how to make your dating life more joyful.

  • Create a mental trigger for yourself to smile whenever you’re listening to him smile if you have trouble remembering to do so on your own.
  • Smile at at least 10 people every day. Gets you in the swing of things!
  • Get some smalking in, even if it is a business call.

#9. Friction Playing with Your Hair

When I was coaching dudes on how to meet you Sexy Single ladies, I always stressed the importance of finding women who were fiddling with their hair, whether it was a comb or a hairclip.

Both sexes engage in this behaviour, though men are more likely to physically express their interest by touching their faces. In other words, the next time you’re flirting with a man, keep an attention out to see if he touches his five o’clock shadow. If he does, then you’ve mastered the art of attracting men.

  • Don’t go crazy with it. There’s nothing like a little playtime with the hair to brighten your day.
  • Keep your hair down and twirl it around!
  • Flipping it over your shoulder and then smiling seductively at him is another option.

#10. Spirit and Energy

It’s been proven that putting out positive energy makes you more attractive to men.

Do you ever meet someone and decide within the first three seconds, “Yikes, I’m not interested.”?

Nonetheless, there are some people you meet and think, “Wow, I like this person. He’s fantastic.

Your body language is the deciding factor. The way you make people feel. your positive attitude and the vitality you provide. It’s impossible to avoid attracting attention when you exude vitality and charisma.

  • When you go out, pay attention to the vibes of those around you to figure out what makes them appealing to others. Remember this!
  • Just have fun and be the centre of attention if that’s how you roll.
  • Have control of the situation. Confidence is a major turn-on for men.

#11. Your Cognition

The final piece of advice on how to attract men is to flaunt your most alluring quality: your intellect.

Now, I’m going to share with you a lesson I learned a very long time ago. Women who exude intelligence and self-assurance tend to attract intelligent men.

Men who are not confident in themselves and who are not smart are intimidated by women who are.

Most men you meet will be clueless and insecure, which is unfortunate. A widespread outbreak is occuring. According to a recent conference held by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Geneva, Europe’s smart women are freezing their eggs because they can’t find smart men to impregnate them.

In any case, I don’t want you to alter your personality to please the men you date. Don’t talk down to yourself. Don’t act arrogant around a man who, well, couldn’t take you in a Words With Friends game. You shouldn’t boast about how smart you are. Don’t talk down to him or anyone else, but also don’t be shy about displaying your intelligence. Your mind will fascinate the right man.


There are obviously a variety of strategies that can be employed in the quest to entice males. Pick the approach(es) from the list above that you feel most at ease with. Your tone should be casual and unforced.

Drawing in male attention is only the beginning. Thereafter, you should narrow down your options until you’ve identified the people with whom you share the most common ground and mutual desire to pursue a common goal. However, the groundwork for a future relationship is laid in the flirtation and attraction of the first few dates.

Join the conversation down below. Specifically, what have you found to be the most effective methods of attracting males?