How To Ask A Guy Out

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure he knows you exist
  • Start small talk and get to know him
  • Let him know you are interested
  • Offer simple gestures of kindness
  • Select an appropriate place to ask him out

The way he talks and laughs just makes you happy. His charm and confidence radiate from every inch of him. And now you desperately want to hang out with him but have no idea how to approach a potential date. It’s depressing, I know. The answer is obviously not when you consider that we have your back.

We’ve compiled a list of creative approaches to the age-old question: “How about a date?” Even though it may be challenging to put these suggestions into practice at first, you will soon find that they are easy and effective. Avoid being paralyzed by worry that a friend you’re starting to develop feelings for might reject you. Whether your admiration for them is well-kept or widely known, all you need to do is wear a confident attitude.

How to Ask a Man Out in 21 Different Ways

Asking a guy out is easier than you think, despite your initial fears. Take advantage of these simple solutions.

1. Sending a few innocent texts

If you’re nervous about asking him out in person, sending him a sweet text message is a great alternative. Incomplete or cryptic messages like:

I think I’ve found the one and you have a good idea of why. We’re just too well suited to each other to not have been a couple in a previous incarnation. Let’s go out…. wait, nevermind. Yogurt, you know I love you.

2. Make the effort to send some sweet notes.

You could try something endearing like sneakily sticking post-it notes to his desk or another hidden location. Whatever you feel like saying to him can go here: “I like you,” “Looking good, my handsome,” etc. Send him a text message informing him that he has mail to read. It’s possible that your sincere effort will excite and impress him.

3. Compose a love poem

You should write poetry about your feelings for this guy if they are intense. This need not be a masterpiece of poetry. Your feelings for him need only be expressed in a silly poem at this point. End it by suggesting a mutually convenient time and place for him to respond, either via email or an in-person meeting.

4. Confess to him your problems and ask for his advice

Asking for his assistance with a task you think he’s good at is a subtle way to ask him out. Once he’s finished, take him out to a coffee shop or your favorite restaurant as a thank you. Be careful not to come off as too needy when on a date.

5. You should probably let him know you’re hungry

If you get along well with him, go up to him and tell him you’re starving. Tell him you don’t like eating alone or that you want to try out a new restaurant. Assuming he comes along, you’ve got a date. Avoid revealing your feelings too soon; instead, get to know him better through conversation.

Suggestion for further thought You can inquire as to whether or not he has any plans for a specific weekday or day. Don’t be discouraged if he immediately declines your invitation to go out for coffee or the movies. However, if he repeatedly claims to be too busy, you should assume he is not keen.

6. Make a gift request

To get a gift from him, you can ask cutely when he wishes you on a holiday or your birthday. Tell him you want to go on a date with him as his girlfriend. He may be taken aback at first, but if he asks what you want, tell him.

7. Give him your “extra ticket”

Find out what kind of sporting event or concert he enjoys, and then pretend you have a spare ticket to give him. With his company, you’ll have a perfect date.

8. Slack off together

Ask him out on a date if you’re feeling confident about his feelings for you. In order to have a chat with him, you can invite him to a restaurant or a cafe. When you both feel ready, tell him how you really feel.

9. You could give a pick-up line a shot.

Using a pick-up line on him may be unexpected, as not all women use them. You can feel free to use a corny line. It’s your job to make him happy and then ask him out on a date.

10. Seek out areas of compatibility.

You never know what kind of things the guy you like might be interested in. Conversation between you two can be enjoyable if you have things in common. You’ll have his full attention and he’ll start to like you even before you confess your feelings.

11. Use humor.

It’s possible that you and he are close friends who spend a lot of time together. Just try to be light and funny when you express your feelings to him. Seize the opportunity if he takes you seriously. If not, make light of the situation so that you don’t feel awkward around each other.

12. Confess your feelings to him and flirt with him

To flirt with him, you could ask him direct questions about his romantic life, such as “do you have a girlfriend?” or “would you like to have a girlfriend?” See if you can infer anything from his response. If he responds favorably, then it’s safe to confess your feelings.

13. Make an acquaintance introduce you.

If you can’t get in touch with the guy yourself, see if you share any mutual friends. Get them to act as mediators and put you in touch with him. Prepare yourself for your meeting with him by inquiring into his likes and dislikes.

14. Enjoy a jolly game

Play a game with him in which he answers questions to learn his true feelings for you. Ask him some lighthearted questions to get to know him, and then move on to more serious topics like the type of woman he is attracted to. If he seems interested and willing to answer your questions, you should ask him out.

Suggestion for further thought The initial excitement may be overwhelming, but you should really think it over before asking him out. Think long and hard about whether he really is the one for you.

15. Recruit a ‘wing woman’ to support you.

Get a friend to talk to him on your behalf if you feel uncomfortable approaching him yourself. Perhaps your best friend can play cupid without you feeling any awkwardness. She can let him know that it would be wonderful if you two could get to know each other and have conversations.

16. Put a note inside his CD or book.

Borrow a book or CD from him and leave a note inside when you return it. Include how you feel about him in writing and let him know that it’s fine if he doesn’t feel the same way.

17. Studying the depths of his interest

Learn what he is most interested in so you can strike up a conversation with him about that topic. If he has an interest in guitar, you could approach him about taking lessons. You can spend more time with him before you have to come clean about your feelings if he offers to teach you.

18. Make a group date request.

If it’s too much to ask him out on a date by yourself, try setting up a double or triple date instead. You might even be able to join a group he is going on a trip with. When you two are together, make small talk and stay close to him. In the company of your friends, you can strike up a conversation with him with little risk of rejection.

19. Convince him to ask you out on a date

It’s in a man’s nature to come to the rescue of those in need. Telling him you want to check out a new bowling alley or restaurant but can’t seem to round up a group of friends could prompt him to offer to take you there.

20. Exit the situation with him

If you’re out with a group and he seems uninterested or bored, suggest that you take him to a more exciting event. Take him outside and lead him to a peaceful spot, explaining that you two need some alone time.

21. Be Honest

In some cases, honesty is the best policy. Be bold and ask him out on a date if you’ve been talking to him for a while and you get the sense that he likes you, too, but is too shy to bring up the subject himself. It’s possible that he’ll be pleasantly surprised by your gesture and grateful for the favor.

Questions & Answers

1. When is it not appropriate to ask a man out on a date?

If you are in any of the following situations, you should not ask a guy out:

  • He recently ended a long-term relationship.
  • As of right now, he’s taken.
  • He’s serious about the person he’s with.
  • He is only trying to boost his own self-esteem by acting and talking flirtatiously toward you.

2. Is it the desire of males to have females ask them out?

While some men may be offended by a woman’s boldness in making the first move, the general consensus is that guys dig it when a lady has the guts to ask them out.

It’s not easy to ask a guy out, but you should try to keep your cool. You may be waiting for his response or feeling nervous about approaching him, but you shouldn’t let it show. The aforementioned tips on “how to ask a guy out” will undoubtedly come in handy. Ask a friend to play “cupid” for you, or just walk up to him and tell him you’re hungry and want to hang out. If things don’t go as you’d hoped, try not to let it get you down. Pull yourself together and keep searching for Mr. Right.