Dating and social app Lex has its origins in lesbian individual advertisements, however has actually just recently entered a new instructions to move far from its obscene past. Some users of the platform were dissatisfied to see it alter.

A report from TechCrunch discussed that with many social networks platforms limiting overtly-sexual material, the initial concept for Lex attracted a specific community who had no place else to go. This is specifically the case as many users recognize as LGBTQIA+.

Just recently Lex moved away from its hookup past to accept and motivate platonic relationships. & Walsh, a marketing company, was worked with to aid with this rebrand stating “Lex concerned us for a rebrand to assist them move from being viewed as a queer area for romantic relationships towards a queer area for platonic relationships.”

Current modifications to the platform’s Terms of Use suggest that sexually specific product, consisting of text, can be eliminated. It is up to the app to implement these guidelines based on their own judgement.

TechCrunch reports one user’s response to the modification, where the person stated “I value the effort to make Lex much better for platonic queer relationships, however I hate the new culture of sterilizing the internet and cleaning our sexuality far from every platform.”

Another dissatisfied user informed the press reporter “Queer areas attempting to move themselves far from focusing sex = succumbing to a homophobic society”.

Kel Rakowski, the creator of Lex, shared that studies of Lex users discovered that the bulk desired a platform to discover LGBTQIA+ friends and community, affecting the choice to alter instructions.

She stated “We motivate Lexers searching for dates and hookups to continue horny publishing on Lex! It’s their area to link, for love, relationship and more.”

Rakowski shared that Lex was growing in appeal throughout cities in the USA, with the platform raising around $1.5 million to date.