One woman used her enthusiasm for journalism to alter her dating method. On her dating profile, she offered to talk to f *** young boys for a job on dating and masculinity, getting some fascinating insights and a sweetheart along the way.

In a short article for Women’s Media Center, Miska Salemann describes how her experience on dating apps was not successful. That was till one day she altered her dating app bio to “Are you a fuckboy? I wish to interview you for my research study on dating and masculinity!”.

What she discovered was that many men mored than happy to inform her about their views on dating. They admitted extensive facts, like they were still battling with an early heartbreak, or that they had problem with body image problems.

Salemann took this chance to ask individual questions that would otherwise be too intrusive for the normal courteous conversation on dating apps, such as ‘What was your youth like?’ and ‘What does masculinity indicate to you?’.

She composed that “after a number of hours of speaking with, I seemed like I understood a number of these boys much better than my high school partner, whom I had actually dated for 2 years.”

While 90% of the interviews resulted in absolutely nothing, Salemann composes that she ended up being friends with a few of the men she spoke to. Her last interviewee, sharing her feelings about dating apps, ultimately became her partner.

She summarises her experience stating it “taught me that the way a lot of people have actually been utilizing dating apps is all incorrect, specifically for women. We overthink who to swipe on, prescreen matches by interacting with them online, and appear to dates with absolutely nothing delegated speak about. While it’s completely great to veterinarian a person on social networks prior to satisfying them, it’s a wild-goose chase attempting to piece together who they are from a digital exterior”.