Gleeden Reaches New Milestone of 10 Million Users

Gleeden, the world’s first extramarital dating site, recently announced its achievement of reaching ten million users worldwide. Founded in 2009, the site has grown substantially since its initial launch, operating in 13 countries and featuring over 5 million users in France alone. In a statement, the company said that its success has been driven by its mission to “usher in a new era of honesty and acceptance for those in relationships who seek to explore and reconnect”.

In addition to its milestone of 10 million users, Gleeden recently launched a new feature: “Timing” which allows people to schedule dates or exchanges with their matches. With this new feature, Gleeden hopes to make the process of meeting and reconnecting easier for its users. With the link, users can read more about the new feature and learn how to take advantage of it.

Key Takeaways

  • Gleeden recently announced it reached 10 million users worldwide.
  • The company has operated in 13 countries since 2009.
  • Gleeden connected people in committed relationships for companionship and communication.
  • The site recently launched a new feature “Timing” that allows people to schedule dates or exchanges with their matches.
  • A link provides more information about the new feature.

Dating app Gleeden, which concentrates on adulterous relationships, has actually reached 10 million users worldwide. 20% of users are based in India, showing how the app has actually altered cultural standards with concerns to monogamy in the nation.

From September 2022 to now, the app saw an 11% boost in users from India. 2 thirds of these new users originated from the nation’s biggest cities.

The platform shares that the outcomes of a nationwide study provide some factors regarding why users choose to have adulterous relationships. The most typical factor was wishing to feel enthusiasm and enjoyment once again, followed by an absence of attention from their partner.

“India is a nation that whilst worshipping marital relationships and monogamy, keeps growing as far as customers on the app. 2022 alone brought us + 18% new users, that went from 1.7 millions in December 2021 to the existing 2+ millions”, states Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager India for Gleeden.

“That does not indicate that marital relationships are doomed which people ought to stop getting wed. What is essential is to comprehend that people and relationship characteristics alter in time. Even if 2 people would appreciate and love each other, the spark in a relationship might wane throughout the years”, she continues.

“With Gleeden, users get to live that adrenaline rush once again and discover thehappiness that might have been lost in a long-term relationship. The majority of our customers treasure these virtual-only experiences and return to their relationship with a new frame of mind and a fresh focus.”

Gleeden highlights that its rigorous personal privacy policies and security features add to its success, and assists to keep the app’s gender balance at a beneficial 60:40 split in between males and females.