For Or Against: Using LinkedIn To Find A Romantic Partner

Many people turn to the Internet for a plethora of activities, such as, shopping, studying, and networking. Could it also be a viable platform to find romantic partners? With the professional networking site, LinkedIn, it could be. LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular place to find dates, with many users finding successful and longterm relationships through the website. On the other hand, is it an appropriate, or even safe, place to look for love? After all, LinkedIn is a professional-oriented website and its primary use is for professional purposes.

The potential advantages of using LinkedIn for romance are manifold. Firstly, it is a great platform to make new connections and discover the “right” person for you. Secondly, the “geeky” content—highlighting users’ job experience, skills, and accomplishments—allows for a much deeper level of validation compared to other dating sites. In addition to this, your profile on LinkedIn is strongly tied to verification and trust as it is often used as a resource for employers and other potential business contacts.

However, concerns of appropriateness and safety remain. Many people worry that the professional and formal properties of the website are not conducive to finding romantic partners. In addition, the stress of work and business pursuits may be an unnecessary burden to a budding relationship. Overall, there are many pros and cons to using LinkedIn as a means of finding a romantic partner.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn offers a great platform to make new connections and discover the “right” person for you.
  • Geeky content allows for a much deeper level of validation.
  • LinkedIn profile is strongly tied to verification and trust.
  • Many people are concerned about the appropriateness and safety of using LinkedIn to find romantic partners.
  • Pros and cons to using LinkedIn as a means of finding a romantic partner.

New reports highlight that Gen Zs in India are making romantic connections over career-building sites such as LinkedIn. A variety of specialists weighed in on the advantages and drawbacks of this new pattern.

Radhika Mohta, a matchmaker and relationship coach, thinks that discovering connections on LinkedIn makes good sense. The platform makes it possible for identity confirmation and background checks, providing potential matches a concept of someone’s education and monetary status, she informs Mid-Day.

Considering that dating apps in India still bring a preconception, she argues that LinkedIn can be beneficial when “seeking to hire the most crucial collaboration in your life”. She states constructing the relationship is the more vital aspect, compared to how 2 people first make contact.

Nikhila Deshpande, a psychologist, shares that LinkedIn fits women looking for long-term dedication. She acknowledges that the site is not developed for dating, however singles can show their credibility by taking the threat of beginning romantic relationships there.

She still advises that singles seeking to utilize LinkedIn for romance must prevent messaging someone who is an overall complete stranger. Having some shared connections or friends is essential to begin messaging someone informally.

On the other side of the aisle, life coach Akshay Kamath, encourages versus utilizing LinkedIn to spark romantic relationships. While he acknowledges that the site is progressively being used to share individual stories, moving into the DMs on LinkedIn is a significant danger to a profession.

Transactional teacher Harsh Shilpa concurs. He shares that LinkedIn and expert networking can be helpful for discovering similar enthusiastic people. He restates that keeping discussions expert and considerate is crucial.

What do you believe, is stimulating a romantic connection on LinkedIn a good concept?