A new study of 10,000 singles highlighted typical red & green flags, checking out the worths that singles discover especially off putting or appealing.


When in a new relationship, discussing exes can be a challenging topic. 29% of women aged in between 22 and 32 think that when a man badmouthes their ex, it’s a red flag.

This is due to the fact that men who call their ex “insane” for instance, are most likely to be the factor for their madness, participants shared. Usually speaking severely of someone who isn’t around to safeguard themselves is seen in an unfavorable light.

38% of daters over 30 stated that an excessively controlling partner is a warning. Remaining in a relationship does not offer a private the right to determine what another person does, the report mentions. 16% of women state men who inform you how to dress and whom to talk to “are just delusional.”

Another typical warning is ‘stonewalling’, when someone all of a sudden stops interacting and ‘sets up a wall’. This is a warning according to 29% of women in between 25 and 30, with 11% stating this behaviour resulted in a separation in previous relationships.

Green Flags

Amongst green flags, 21% of men from India’s biggest cities state that women who own up to their errors, rather of rejecting them, are a green flag. This maturity is a breath of fresh air, the study includes.

Gen Z and Millennial women share that men who understand how to share their feelings are ‘keepers’. 17% of women who have actually been dating for over a year state that in previous relationships, their partners think yapping is a “womanly” behaviour.

Discovering an accepting partner who does not mock you for your design or interests is another green flag, think 19% of singles over 30. 8% of singles stated they carried on from someone who discovered it entertaining to mock other individuals’s lifestyle.

Carried out by Indian dating app QuackQuack, the current study triggers singles to reassess their behaviour. The 10,000 participants of the study were in between 20 and 35 years of ages.

“We see nearly 35 million chats exchanged each month, and 3 out of 8 matches go over warnings they definitely can decline within the first week of talking. We likewise saw that compassion is thought about the most significant green flag of all”, stated Ravi Mittal, CEO and Founder of QuackQuack.