A group declaring to be ex-Tinder workers have actually developed an AI chatbot that will swipe and chat on dating apps on behalf of users. The group states this job will assist support the typical man, who they feel deals with drawbacks in the existing online dating area.

Presently in its Beta phase, CupidBot assures to discover a user’s type and swipe on dating app appropriately, even then talking with matches to protect a date. Basically, it will allow men to discover a number of dates a week while not doing anything, its site discusses.

“We concentrate on the dating lives of straight men since they suffer most from dating apps. It takes enormous time for the typical man to scrape together even one date a month”, a CupidBot representative informed Vice.

The task is questionable as the expected ex-Tinder workers felt that their previous worker was benefiting from online dating failures. They declare Tinder is created for ongoing engagement, not dating success for the typical man.

“Given the real mental effect that success in dating, or absence thereof, has on youths, and boys in specific, Tinder’s method operandi is of net social hinderance”, the representative included.

The creators of CupidBot have actually not supplied evidence they are ex-Tinder workers, and do not wish to publicise their identities due to the “ethical factors to consider included” in the platform.