A Swiss business handles the online dating profiles of its rich customers, talking and setting up dates with potential matches. Amorai is now broadening its service to the USA, UK and Canada.

Amorai produces a total profile for a customer, and organizes dates for them to participate in reality. The service is targeted at rich singles who are too hectic to preserve and cultivate a romantic social life without outdoors support. “Sit back and get dates that match you” is the business’s motto.

Sven Affeltranger and Leonardo Reinhard, who formerly established the app InClub, chose to develop Amorai as they themselves employed a matchmaker to handle their dating profiles. Once they saw this service was important to others, they chose to sign up with the market themselves.

The creators share that innovation plays a huge function in the job, with an understanding of AI and behavioural psychology contributing in making the service efficient.

Affeltranger and Reinhard have actually appeared on Switzerland’s entrepreneurship program Shark Tank and have a background in ETH Student Project House, a collective area for youths to check out service concepts and development.