BLK, the Match Group dating app for Black singles, has announced a new campaign which raises awareness about the ‘Black tax’.

BLK explains that the Black tax is a financial strain put on Black individuals who are becoming richer, as they then have to support less wealthy family members. The cause of this is systemic racism and economic inequality, and it’s a significant issue in the Black community, it shares.

To help address this issue, BLK is giving out $250 gift cards to BLK users who have experienced the Black tax.

Running between April 26 and May 3, BLK users can apply for a gift card by submitting a “written story highlighting your personal ‘Black Tax experience’ – emphasizing the personal sacrifices you have made to financially support your family members and sharing how you would use the $250 gift card if you are selected as a winner”, the official rules state.

The new initiative, created together with PR firm Arxna, was inspired by BLK research which found that 79% of Black singles are not familiar with the Black tax concept.

The research also found that one in three Black singles over 40 financially support their less fortunate family members, with 46% of unemployed singles still having to also support family members.

“At BLK, we are deeply committed to promoting Black joy through our marketing initiatives and campaigns. We acknowledge the financial burden faced by many Black families, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to support and uplift the community”, said BLK’s Head of Brand and Marketing Jonathan Kirkland.

“This program is not just about providing financial assistance to those impacted by ‘Black tax,’ but also about raising awareness of this critical issue that affects so many”, he added.