A study of HER users discovered that 49% are open to attempting non-monogamy. Gen Z were the most open up to attempting what is anticipated to be a leading dating and relationships pattern for 2023.

HER is a dating app that accommodates lesbian, queer, bisexual and straight women. Surprisingly, its users of all generations concurred that non-monogamy feels queer, not directly.

Why is this? Hypebae shares one concept, describing that non-monogamy is viewed as ‘non-traditional’, similar to how being queer is seen. LGBTQ+ people are currently used to checking out love and relationships while dealing with a possibly disapproving society.

“As an outcome, this might lead queer daters to believe that polyamory and other kinds of non-traditional dating are more of their design, as they’re currently thought about non-traditional– regardless of it being a legitimate lifestyle for all people”, Hypebae sums up.